What to Expect when Switching to Natural Deodorants: Tips for Making your Transition Smoother

Switching to Natural Deodorants
Tips for Making your Transition Smoother

For those planning are joining the Natural Deodorant Revolution and making a switch or anyone who is considering ditching the traditional antiperspirant, here are some tips that will make your transition process smoother and more comfortable:

  • Use the natural deodorants moderately. Start off slow and don’t overload by swiping up and down multiple times.
  • There is no need to over-apply as it may lead to slower drying time and unnecessary staining of your favourite blouse or shirt.
  • As each person is unique, with little observations, you can find the right number of swipes that work with your body.
  • Do not overuse on skin after shaving because exposure to really soft fresh skin may cause irritation.
  • Do expect to feel little moisture (from sweating) from time to time. If you do get moist, it usually dries up fairly quickly. You will have to re-apply occasionally.
  • If you are prone to sweating, a small amount of powder to your armpits can help absorb the wetness.

Adjustment Period: What to Expect?

Do keep in mind that our bodies are all very different. Many people report no differences during the switch to a natural deodorant, which works equally well for them but definitely feeling more confident and assured knowing they are using safe, plant-based ingredients.

Some may report a transition period (which may also be referred to as ‘detox reaction’) that may last for a couple of days, or a few weeks and even months. This typically happens for those who had earlier used antiperspirant, which made use of aluminium compounds to block sweat from releasing and by killing off mild odour-releasing bacteria, it gives way to more pungent microbes to flourish without competitive or friendlier bacteria in your system.

It may seem like your body is rejecting your natural deodorant in the first few days, weeks or even months; but bear in mind that it’s just adjusting. If you feel better for a while before you feel ‘smellier’ than before – these are signs that you are experiencing a detox reaction. During this phase, you may notice a temporary increase in the following:
✓ Sweat: You probably see more sweat than usual.
✓ Odor: The stink may start to come through mid-day.

Ultimately, how long this ‘transition process’ lasts depend on your unique body chemistry. If you do experience an adjustment period, remember that this is a positive experience for your body.

Many report that after years of unsuccessfully tackling their body odour issues, they no longer experience body odour after switching to natural product and surviving through this transition period. Continued use comes with improvement. And, there’s a reason it takes some time for your body to enter this transition!

What can You Do During Transition 

• Give it time for your deodorant to work as your body may be purging build-up of toxins. Imagine how clogged up your pores are for 10 or 20 years of using regular antiperspirants. Even though natural deodorant creates an environment where bacteria can’t thrive; it also helps to cleanse, condition and balance your underarms during your transition to minimize and even eliminate odour.

• Do not give up just yet. Give your sweat glands the time needed to properly breathe and for your body to catch up. If you struggle to get through this detox phase, add simple steps of cleansing and exfoliating the skin to ease the transition. This will help remove any dry skin that may have been holding in odour-causing bacteria.

• Try different scents of natural deodorants. What works for others might not necessarily work for you.

• Provide a clean daily routine to your underarms. Use natural soap bars (not antibacterial or antiseptic soaps that destroy natural balance of skin) and water to wash your skin. Rub for about 20 seconds to really clean well.

• Drink lots of water to flush your system out.

• Perform a pit detox. Use Bentonite clay and add a little apple cider vinegar to form a paste and apply twice daily for about 1-2 weeks. Leave on until clay dries out; then rinse it off.

• Expose your armpits to sunshine. This may sound weird; but it is pretty effective as UVB rays in sunlight are germicidal and can sterilize your armpits. What’s more, you can raise your Vitamin D level to healthy levels.

• Consider a change of diet. Cut away the red meat, sugar and refined flours while adding more leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, herbs and greens to your diet.

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