The Natural Deodorants Revolution: Natural Deodorants by Bellary Nature and Reverie

Rising Demand for Natural Deodorants

Natural deodorant works differently from an antiperspirant:

☑ It does not contain aluminium and hence do not plug up sweat ducts.
☑ It allows sweat to reach top layer of skin so the body can breathe naturally.
☑ It naturally masks and neutralizes the odour produced by interaction of sweat and bacteria.

In short, it works with our body the way it is intended to function; by allowing it to secrete what it naturally needs while simultaneously neutralizing the odour through a potent combination of natural ingredients.

Don’t Sweat It
Aluminium-Free Natural Deodorants that Work

Natural deodorants are important additions to our “Prevention Series” of natural, green personal care products.

At Bellary Nature and Reverie, we adopt preventive healthcare and holistic approach, empowering individuals and families to take action for their health and foster communities to build and create sustainable health systems and lifestyle for positive outcome.

With so many doubts about these toxic chemicals left unanswered, we encourage users to compare labels next time you shop for personal care products. These are some arguably bad ingredients to avoid. Going natural is sounding better and better.

Powered by plant-derived, natural anti-microbial odour busters, you can expect long-lasting effectiveness and underarms freshness without harsh, synthetic chemicals with our new, improved natural deodorants that are:

☑ Aluminium free
☑ Paraben free
☑ Triclosan free
☑ Propylene glycol free
☑ Mineral oil free
☑ Petrolatum free

We’ve Got Everyone Covered

Our natural deodorants are catered to:

  • Everyone who is looking for an aluminium-free alternative to antiperspirant.
  • Teens and adults who have demanding schedules during the day.
  • Pregnant and nursing mothers who are worried about chemical exposure of their babies or in breast milk.
  • Ladies and women who are concerned about their breast health.
  • And, any individuals with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

New and Improved Formulation

Our natural deodorants get upgraded and have tested to perform well on the following parameters:

1. ‘Feel’ Test

  • Ease of Application: Our new container is durable and hand-friendly. Simply turn the ribbed wheel at the bottom to twist up and dispense the deodorant. There was a plug on top that keeps the product safe until ready to use!
  • Wearability: Easy to maneuver across the pits and effortlessly glide on without feeling sticky nor tacky. It isn’t too thick and feels comfortably dry; without clumping or crumbling.

2. Smell’ Test

  • Effects of Scent: All the scents are pleasing to nose – not overpowering – and they lasted through two hours of wear.
  • Whiff Test: They held up to this test which subjected users to physical activities that resemble whatever your typical day demands through our hot, humid weather.

3. Stain’ Test

  • Residue on Skin: Our natural deodorants stay on skin, leaving only a faint sheen (unlike antiperspirant which can give you more yellow pit stains on white shirts).
  • Residue on Cloth: Only minimal goop is left on clothes. Staining is minimized.

Neutralizes Odour as Nature Intended
Old Favourites with a Novel Twist

Whether you are plagued with body odour or experimenting a switch from antiperspirant to natural deodorant, our innovative curation of 8 different types of natural deodorants are designed to work in harmony with your body. Our proprietary formulations combine skin-conditioning ingredients with natural deodorizing agents and natural anti-microbial plant extracts that leave you smelling fresh for longer with a single application!

1. Tea Tree & Mint Natural Deodorant

Brand: Bellary Nature
Scent: Refreshing and cooling mint with tangy notes
Gender Specific: Unisex
Skin Type: All skin types
Pregnancy Safe: Yes

2. Lavender & Geranium Natural Deodorant

Brand: Bellary Nature
Scent: Sweet floral Lavender with soft Geranium
Gender Specific: Female
Skin Type: All skin types
Pregnancy Safe: Yes

3. Zinc & Bergamot Natural Deodorant [Baking Soda Free/Sensitive Skin Formula]

Brand: Bellary Nature
Scent: Invigorating citrus scent with energizing zest
Gender Specific: Unisex
Skin Type: All skin types especially sensitive skin
Pregnancy Safe: Yes

4. Manuka & Sage Natural Deodorant [Baking Soda Free/Sensitive Skin Formula]

Brand: Bellary Nature
Scent: Fresh herbal scent with warm and earthy undertone
Gender Specific: Unisex
Skin Type: All skin types especially sensitive skin
Pregnancy Safe: No

5. Cucumber Mint Natural Deodorant

Brand: Reverie
Scent: Clean garden cucumber with fresh mint aroma
Gender Specific: Unisex
Skin Type: All skin types
Pregnancy Safe: Yes

6. Wild Rose Natural Deodorant

Brand: Reverie
Scent: Luxurious fresh scent of roses – feminine and beautiful
Gender Specific: Female
Skin Type: All skin types
Pregnancy Safe: Yes

7. Jasmine Green Tea Natural Deodorant

Brand: Reverie
Scent: Elegant jasmine with subtle, soothing green tea scent
Gender Specific: Unisex
Skin Type: All skin types
Pregnancy Safe: Yes

8. Rosehip Vanilla Natural Deodorant [Extra Strength]

Brand: Reverie
Scent: Rich and sophisticated Vanilla – heady but not overwhelming
Gender Specific: Unisex
Skin Type: All skin types and ideal for extreme body odour. Not suitable for sensitive skin.
Pregnancy Safe: Yes

Our Natural Ingredients at a Glance

Triethyl Citrate
✓ A 100% natural (ECOCert), safe and mild active deodorizing ingredient.
✓ Rated 1 on EWG’s Cosmetics Database.
✓ A long history of use in deodorants to inhibit enzymatical degradation of sweats, which is responsible for unpleasant odour.
✓ Does not affect the natural skin flora.
✓ Robust long-lasting 24-hour deodorizing effect proven in controlled sniff test.

Sodium Caproyl/Lauroyl Lactylate
✓ Also a 100% natural, certified active ingredient in deodorizing.
✓ Mild antimicrobial properties against microorganisms causing body odour.
✓ Product is naturally derived from sustainable palm oil.
✓ Rated 1 on EWG’s Cosmetics Database.
✓ Proven 24-hour deodorizing activity in a blend with Triethyl Citrate and Sage.

Sage Oil
✓ Sage Oil is steam distilled from leaves of the herbs, Salvia Officinalis, also the ‘sacred herb’ by ancient Romans.
✓ It exhibits anti-fungal and antimicrobial effect as well as astringent, antihidrotic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic action.

Zinc Oxide (Non-Nano)
✓ Zinc Oxide reacts with acids that are responsible for odour and convert them into odourless zinc salts.
✓ It was found to be 3x more effective than aluminium salts used in antiperspirants.
✓ It is antibacterial, partially inhibiting bacterial growth thus the decomposition of sweat.
✓ Since it is non-nano, it is not absorbed by the skin.
✓ An ingredient in diaper rash ointment to soothe skin irritation makes it ideal for those with sensitive underarms.

Menthol, Natural
✓ Menthol is steam distilled from Mentha Arvensis, a flowering plant in the Mint family with a typical peppermint odour.
✓ It has analgesic, deodorizing and refreshing properties and on skin, it leaves it feeling light, fresh and cool.
✓ It is also antimicrobial meaning that it has the added bonus of reducing inflammation and when applied to cuts or minor wounds, it allows the skin to heal faster. So, if you worry about applying over shaved skin, fret not!

Baking Soda
✓ Baking soda is a very effective ingredient in eliminating odour (rather than simply masking it) by raising the pH of the environment making it inhospitable to bacteria to flourish.
✓ Due to its powder consistency, it also absorbs perspiration on top of the skin.

Magnesium Carbonate
✓ Occurring naturally in nature, Magnesium carbonate is inorganic salt of carbonic acid and about 5x as water-absorbent as talc, and therefore, it improves the absorbency and lightness of the texture.

Arrowroot Powder
✓ Arrowroot powder is a natural starch obtained from the rhizomes of tropical plants, traditionally the Maranta Arundinacea.
✓ Light and odourless, it is excellent absorbent powder that helps keep you dry by absorbing wetness.

Botanical Oils, Butters and Wax
✓ High quality plant oils of Apricot Kernel Oil and Sweet Almond Oils as well as Shea Butter comes together with vegan Candelilla wax to create a rich and smooth product that glides well and nourishes the skin with abundance of natural goodness.

Think Healthy, Be Healthy
Find your Motivation to Make the Switch

Sweating isn’t really a bad thing at all! Furthermore, sweat is also not just for the stink.

Normal sweating is certainly good because it is the natural process by which your body cools itself during an intense workout or on a hot day. The sweat released helps to regulate the body temperature to prevent you from overheating.

In the average healthy person, sweating also reduces the viable bacteria on skin surface, which may lower risk of skin infections.

Importantly, sweating helps your body eliminate toxins and waste to support proper functioning of immune system and prevent diseases that are associated with toxin overload. In fact, many toxic elements were preferentially excreted through sweat. Sweating profusely can actually help reduce your body odour and this foul odour is also said to be related to toxins being expelled (not your supposedly ‘odourless’ or ‘natural’ odour) caused by toxin burden from poor dietary lifestyle or environmental exposure.

Many have switched to natural deodorants few years back following a massive personal care natural movement as they become increasingly aware of the products that are laden with paraben and conscious of the ill effects that are linked to certain ingredients found in the antiperspirant. Some people find that specific incident motivated them to switch. A sister of our friend had a painful lump around her underarm and was told that it was fatty growth caused by clogged pores. With natural treatments working on lymph detox and drainage as well as a switch to natural deodorant, and feeling so much relief thereafter, she never looked back since.

What might your motivations for a switch be? Do share with us what prompted you to make a switch from antiperspirant to natural deodorants and your experience of using your natural deodorant. In our article, What to Expect when Switching to Natural Deodorants: Tips for Making your Transition Smoother, we offer some helpful tips for those who wish to make a switch to natural deodorant on how to make the transition process as smooth and comfortable as possible. 

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