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  1. Bentonite Clay Natural Detox Deodorant
  2. Balance Natural Deodorant
  3. Floral Scent Natural Deodorant
  4. Mountain Fresh Natural Deodorant
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  • 11 hours since applying this morning and there's no bad odor at all!

  • I use them on my kids aged 9 and 10 and it is really effective at getting rid of underarm odor.

  • Using the new deodorant. My gudness! I like it VERY much! The scent is sooo sooooooo nice! Booksis another tube please? Haha.. I like the texture... glides smoothly

  • Kalau kan tau kenapa ketiak kami serumah sihat & inda bau angit, yatah rahsianya ni. Ni nah deodorant yang kami pakai hari-hari, nada chemical langsung & 100% confirm inda membagi penyakit. Baunya? Oh la la harum yow, kalau orang melintas confirm kana tulih tesiruk-siruk mencari siapa bau surga atu.(astagah, banar sumpah nyaman baunya!) Translation: If you wanna know how my household have healthy and good-smelling underarms, this is the secret. We are using this deodorant everyday, no chemicals and 100% confirmed that it would not give you any problems/infection. Odour? Oh la la smells so good. I assure you, if someone pass you by, they would turn their heads and search for the heavenly smell. (No kidding, the smell is so good!) @yaszzmin - "My daily deodorant, i love it more than i love most of my perfumes" @dangmawar - "Beside the lovely smell & no chemical, i love the packaging, damit and sanang di bawa kemana-mana" Translation: "Beside the lovely smell & no chemical, i love the packanging, small and easy to carry anywhere"

  • im a new user barang nie.. i use .Floral Scent' & Detox deodorant.... i loveeee it choo much....cos inda sticky n refreshing....peace yall translation: I'm a new user for this product.. I use Floral Scent & Detox deodorant .... i loveee it choo much... cos it is not sticky and it is refreshing....peace yall