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  1. 3-in-1 Natural Salves (Above 2 Years Old)
  2. 4-in-1 Natural Salves (Above 2 Years Old)
  3. Natural Nose Clear (Kids)
  4. Night Sleep (Kids)
  5. Tummy Eaze (Kids)
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  • Yes thats why i asked if it is suitable for use on newborn baby.. hehe.. bcos it really has helped me & my toddler everytime we have tummyache.. even i use my son's tummyeaze hehe..see how good the rub us?

  • seems like my baby to buy one that is safe for my 3weeks old son.. since your tummyeaze has always been a savior for my 3yr old toddler.

  • Our favourtie relief for upset tummy! Definitely a must have! Bought this handmade tummy relief about a month ago, i think? My little family (my husband, my son & myself) has been using this everytime we have any types of stomach discomfort like constipation, diarrhea, bloating, indigestion, etc. love it! It chases away my indigestion in few minutes time. thank you @bellarynature for this awesome product.

  • I really love ur product. My son used to have a very bad colic and the tummy eaze really helps. Ive tried everything including changing his formula milk but nothing change until i used tummy eaze.. thanks yaa

  • After an hr+ of applying tummyeaze, he did poo

  • My girl sleeps well with the lavender balm..n soothing scent

  • I love the sleep salve!! The smell is soothing n my daughter sleeps throughtout the night. Higly recommend it to others. Worth every penny!

  • and night cream its like unicorn blood for lord voldermort. Its what I need to get my goodnnight sleep.

  • I like d sleep rub very much. I've bn using it 3 nights in a row n it really helps me to sleep well. I like d mild scent of the essential oil blend. Very soothing..

  • Its really goood The nigh salves really do wonders

  • i really love that one.been using it on my kids everytime they have cough & really help especially during bedtime.i also use the night sleep salve on them n sometimes on myself.

  • I have been using the rub for almost 3months now. no cough/phlegm and less cold.

  • it works wonder on my 2 yrs old son. yes. the vapor rub is a must now. as it reduce his phlegm. I have been using the rub for almost 3months now. no cough/phlegm and less cold.

  • I love the vapour rub. It really works.

  • Btw, i want to tell u that, ur cough chest rub worked for my kids. by the 2nd day, i saw significant improvement and by the 4th went away!

  • I think it works for me. My chest not 'cold' anymore.

  • your product is the best 3 of my friend pun consume this product to their kids pun semua berkesan sis translation: 3 of my friend also consume this product to their kids and all are effective.

  • They are super awesome. It's really work on my kids.

  • I love your "clear skin" product, so far it's the most effective skin care product I've tried agaisnt my ezcema. I bought the 4-in-1 set and was using them for both my boys aged 2 & 4. We are on our 8th day of using your product. My boys are sleeping well (soundly) at night. Not complaining of tummy aches. Not coughing anymore and less runny nose. My skin is looking normal now, less flaky and no longer dry. I love the smell of all the salves. Two thumbs up.

  • The best products ever which i never missed to tag along everywhere. Have 3 babies under 4 & this super balm is a must. My fave one is of course... sleep salve. That magic potion works like a charm. Kudos.

  • Highly recommended! Thumps up product

  • its really help me.thanks to my sis Yen Azmi who responsibble o introduce me this.

  • Recommend this product . been using it since last month

  • #Repost from @kurapak. Little Miss Kurapak dalam bisin kucah-kucah siaga kan memakai her favorite stuff from @bellarynature since ia lahir kedunia sampai hari ani. NEW PACKAGING, SAME MAGICAL EFFECT

  • I tink me over bagi ya atu kali. But apa pun your product is the best.

  • Ive tried ur tummy ease for my 4 yo, he had dierhea yesterday n today he's already back to'll usually took him few days to recover.

  • My customer sent a feedback on ur products samples tht i gave her.She really loved it n went to get fulled size

  • Ur always welcome.. ur products does work wonders.thats why im planning to add more of ur products to my family needs.

  • Me beli set of four above age 2 for my kids,baru dua hari ni me try alhamdulillah nyaman tdur dorg Me pun ikut pakai lah jua. nyaman tdur tarus like baby (even tua sudah haha) rasahan2 mcm baby

  • cos i hv cust..she is using our shower gel+ur eczema cream. it's gives positive feedback for skin problem

  • testing