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  • no worries. just really need to grab your products and they already has become my everyday essentials. for my family.

  • I already tried the headache relief and I wanna thank you for that! It works on me. Now that I have the headache relief, I can sleep well, no more meds and severe headaches, maybe just a minor one, which I guess it's normal. Oh, I love the smell as well, even my husband loves it too! Heheh.

  • Hi, just want to say your headache roll is fantastic. I've been suffering for non-stop ponding headache for the last few days and I can't sleep because of it, a friend recommend your headache roll to me, and after using it, my headache subsides after 5 mins of using it, and I've not felt so much relief in days.

  • Oh my gudness, Jie! Your headache relief really works for me That minties feeling lasts quite awhile after application. And it smells delicious.

  • The roll on helped alot during my pregnancy. I would roll a generous amount on my legs before going to sleep and i would sleep soundly. And when my back ached i would roll it on also and i love the cooling effect it gives. And the scent is very nice too hehe

  • I offered her the oil & she like the smell & the feels after that

  • I just bought your headache relied essential oil and I totally in love with it.

  • After a month of using your product, i am totally off from my puff, and whenever someone around me is sick, i quickly put on immune booster and frankincense, drink hot honey lemon.. and wow.. i am okay the next day..

  • Stops those sniffing and less tissues but keeps coming back that i had to roll on again and again. I have acute symptoms of sinus and needed time off from the doctor. But i guess doctors knows best. Good temporary relief i might say.