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Soothing and polysaccharide-rich Aloe Vera gives this silky natural soap bar its mild, natural cleansing and moisturizing properties to soothe, nurture and revitalize your skin.


A soothing and gently exfoliating oatmeal natural soap is a comforting treat for dry, delicate and sensitive skin as it calms irritation, strengthens your natural skin barrier and restore its moisture.


A deep purifying charcoal natural soap loaded with antibacterial tea tree powder to give you just about your most refreshing and deep cleansing shower imaginable. Your skin will look smooth and feel 'deep down clean'.


A truly gentle mild cleanser, this natural Kaolin Clay soap bar contains White Kaolin Clay that is coveted for its extra-gentle cleansing and drawing properties of impurities and dirt from the skin without drying it out.


A long-standing favourite natural soap bar, much beloved for its beautiful floral fragrance and brilliant maroon hue, is gently clarifying and cleanses without stripping your skin of its natural oils.


Indulge yourself in our finest natural soap, crafted with relaxing and comforting Sandalwood powder that provides anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits and imparts an incredibly warm woodsy, grounding scent.


Pearls are metaphors for good skin and is one of the greatest beauty secret ingredients of the Orient that we embrace to create our exotic Pearl Powder Soap Bar that brings a pearlescent shimmer to your skin!


Wooden Soap Dish


Keep your natural soap bar fresh & longer lasting by allowing residual water to drain properly.

Eczema & Irritation

Basic Skin Clear Kit


A 3-pieces natural skin remedy basic kit that hydrates, repairs and protects your dry, dehydrated skin by sealing in moisture and relieving itchiness; at the same time, nourishing your skin with essential nutrients and reducing its toxins burden. Consists of: Skin Clear (80g), Skin Relief Serum (30ml) and Epsom & Himalayan Bath Salts (200g). Steroid free & free of petrolatum, parabens and harsh synthetics


Luminous skin begins with our 3-in-1 curated Brightening skincare kit of a cleansing oil + facial oil + exfoliating treatment mask, powered by brightening antioxidant Vitamin, to naturally rejuvenate and brighten your skin for a dewy, healthy glow. Consists of: Flawless Touch Cleansing Oil (40ml), Rose of Dawn Drops Brightening Facial Elixir (20ml) & Sun Kiss Brightening Facial Mask (50ml) Steroid free & free of petrolatum, parabens and harsh synthetics

Gift Sets

Escape! Gift Set


De-stress and get an energy boost with our detox and rejuvenation spa-getaway in the privacy of your own home.   Natural, plant-based & free of petrolatum and parabens


Refresh with an ultimate bath time treat that cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes. As the aroma gently fills the air, you feel the weight being lifted from your body.   Natural, plant-based & free of petrolatum and parabens