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Essential Oil Roll Ons

Mama Pain Relief Roll On (10ml)


A natural go-to remedy during your pregnancy that helps you better manage your aches & pains.   Portable, Convenient to Use & Pre-Diluted

Essential Oil Blends

Morning Sickness 5ml


PRENATAL BLEND Sniff the fresh citrusy and minty aroma of Morning Sickness blend for a relief of nausea and vomiting symptoms associated with early pregnancy.

Essential Oil Blends

Baby Blues 5ml


POSTNATAL BLEND Say goodbye to Baby Blues with this potion of essential oils to cheer you up, calm you down and strengthen your nervous system in its own natural unique way. New mothers can better cope with post-pregnancy situations with renewed confidence and energy. Ideal for postpartum depression.

Essential Oil Blends

Breast Care 5ml


POSTNATAL BLEND Specifically formulated for nursing mothers, Breast Care blend takes care of sore, cracked nipples and symptoms of breasts abscess after childbirth. When diffused, its calming aroma helps mama better cope with stress, postpartum blues and adrenal fatigue.