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A mineral-rich Magnesium & Himalayan bath salts to cleanse pores, support toxin removal, restore the skin lost essential minerals and skin barrier function. Beneficial bath soak for troubled skin including eczema & sensitive skin. 100% natural & free of paraben & harsh synthetics


A minerals-rich treatment bath salts enriched with Epsom and Himalayan Pink Salts to support removal of toxins, improve skin complaints, prevent infection and restore skin's depleted essential minerals. 100% natural & free of paraben and harsh synthetics

Bath Soaks & Scrubs

Skin Nourish Bath Essence 100ml


A mild dispersing bath oil that gently cleanses without over-drying, at the same time, nourishes the skin by protecting the natural moisture barrier. Ideal for daily baths for dry, delicate or eczema-prone skin.   Free of paraben, mineral oil, petrolatum and artificial fragrance