Novel Uses of Natural Nose-Clear

Will you give these 10 novel uses a try?

Bellary Nature’s therapeutic Natural Nose-Clear balm will be your greatest helper during the stressful time dealing with cranky, uncomfortable babies or kids; helping them soldier through without complications. It is a safe, natural way to boost and support the body’s natural immune system so they can better deal with infection.

Our gentle yet effective natural decongestant balm is a supposed treatment for so much more than just a congested chest. Below are some novel uses for our natural chest balm:

1. Break down cough – Applying on your tootsies to provide relief for night cough. Remember to cover your feet with socks after applying over your feet.

2. Relieve sore, achy muscles – To increase circulation, apply generously all over your aching, overworked muscles for relief.

3. Humidify your sleep – Add ½ to 1 teaspoon into a humidifier or pot of hot water as a steam inhalant. It helps you breathe easier throughout the night.

4. Skin moisturizer – Made with high quality virgin coconut oil and sweet almond oil, they are fantastic natural emollients that can moisturize your dry skin, for longer.

5. Heal cracked heels – As it is excellent at retaining moisture, it helps heal cracked heel when applying over cracked heels and covering with socks overnight.

6. Relieve itchiness and inflamed skin – The ingredients can provide relief from inflammation and itchiness caused by eczema.

7. Heal minor cuts or splinter – When applied to small wounds caused by splinter or minor cuts, it helps prevent infection and speed up healing time.

8. Treat nasty nail fungus – Applying continuously for at least 2 weeks to cleanse nail beds of toenails that are infected with fungus.

9. Relieve bugs bites – If you fall victim to bee sting or mosquito bites, you can easily relieve the itch and redness with a dab of the balm.

10. Improve stretch marks – Two weeks of regular application may help reduce visibility or improve appearance of stretch marks.

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