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Bellary Nature Skincare: Your Skin at its Healthiest

What is so special about Bellary Nature’s Skincare range?

At Bellary Nature, we are committed to holistic health and beauty; deeply believing the intricate relationship and unique connection between nature and human health. Our many years of involvement, research and experience in holistic modalities gave us more understanding on what our skin is able to ‘eat’ efficiently in terms of penetration and nourishment, and also what it should avoid in terms of ingredients safety. If we make choices about the food we put into my body and the lifestyle we want in order to stay healthy for longer; shouldn’t we be selective and careful of what we ‘feed’ our skin with in order for it to also stay healthy and younger at the same time?

If you are searching for a natural skincare line made with pure, natural and organic ingredients that you can trust – and one that works – you’ve found us. If you are concerned about mass-produced products that may contain harmful ingredients, harsh synthetics that are toxic or generally, the ingredients safety that go into producing them; our green beauty range is here to quench your skin’s thirst for pure, wholesome nutrition and experience that delivers exquisite aroma and happy, radiant skin; without the negative effects.

From our multi-tasking facial oil cleanser to anti-aging oils and exfoliating masks, Bellary Nature Skincare offers solutions for you if you want healthy skin, regardless of your skin type by harnessing the best of Nature and incorporating these bioavailable skin superfoods into our products that are formulated to be lightweight and effective, yet eliminating the need for harmful synthetic ingredients. If you want to dig a little deeper and learn more about our philosophy, take a look at our company’s values here.

I am new to your line, can you suggest a routine?

A good start with our Natural Skincare range is a simple routine of Cleanse, Moisturize and Exfoliate.

Cleanse once daily at the end of the day with the Flawless Touch Cleansing Oil. This is an antioxidant-rich, multi-tasking 3-in-1 Cleansing Oil + Makeup Remover + Moisturizer that gently removes makeup and impurities whilst restoring skin’s natural moisture and pH balance with beneficial oils. Every third day, Exfoliate with one of our Facial Masks to purify, decongest and soften your skin. Once weekly, you can go for a deeper treatment with the mask leave-on for 10-15 minutes.

After every cleansing or treatment, Moisturize your face, neck and decollete with either one of our Beauty Drops. Our Beauty Drops are moisturizing facial oils that are alternative to lotions and creams and they are formulated to be non-greasy.

The AM Morning Routine: Using cool water, splash skin to rinse (we typically try not to over-cleanse in the morning to prevent over-stripping our skin). Spritz your favourite facial mist and followed by 2 drops of your chosen Beauty Drops. Apply on your face, starting from your forehead, nose and radiating out. You may apply your daily SPF after but you may notice you won’t use as much thanks to the facial oil. Wait for a minute or so before proceeding with your usual makeup routine.

We love to use the Beauty Drops in the morning to balance the skin natural oil level, keeping it supple and defend against onset of aging. There are 3 types of facial oils that provide additional benefits to your skin: Ethereal Beauty Drops target fine lines, wrinkles and firm up sagging skin; Rose of Dawn Drops give your dull, uneven skin tone a brightening boost whilst Twilight Moment Drops calm and protect your skin from damaging effects of free radicals.

The PM Evening Routine: Using warm water, carefully remove any impurities or makeup with our Cleansing Oil. Pat skin dry with clean towel and optionally, spritz your facial mist as you did in the morning. Next, you may choose to either apply a Facial Oil over your face and neck until you feel completely moisturized. Follow by your eye cream, if desired.

With continued use, you will witness results as your face feels healthier, softer and more supple.

Lotions vs Oils: why should you make the change?

Taking care of your skin can involve all sorts of complex rituals but the most basic might be the most important of all: moisturize it well. But, we are constantly overwhelmed by the plethora of moisturizing options in the market; so which ones should you use? Lotions or oils?

If you’re familiar with our natural Skincare range, you know that we are a huge fan of oils – and they form the primary base for most, if not all, of our products. Also an essential component in your typical lotion or cream, pure oils have been used in many civilizations for thousands of year in beauty rituals.

We were told in the past that frequently using oils on your skin can do more harm than good because these oils will clog pores. Today, the beauty industry takes a new turn and credits oils for the numerous benefits and wonders that they can do for our skin:

  • Oils do not contain fillers and can be used alone for superior moisturization.
  • Oils can penetrate deep (due to micro molecules) and be easily be absorbed into skin.
  • By good absorption, it can deliver some hydration and nutrients into your skin.
  • Oils have good nutrient profiles (essential fatty acids) and antioxidants.
  • Skin recognizes and accepts oils which have composition that is more identical to our skin sebum.

It is far from truth that oils will clog pores and cause oily skin. Not all oils are evil or capable of blocking pores. The oils are in fact suitable for people with oily skin (who often avoid them) because they have the amazing ability to re-balance the skin. Stripping the skin will only provoke it to produce more oil to compensate hence, just a few drops of oils – the good ones – can actually help regulate the skin and get it to produce less oil.

Back to lotions, who doesn’t love a silky, creamy lotion? Lotions are created basically by blending oil and water together. As water and oil do not mix on their own, an emulsifier is used to combine them. Depending on the ratio of these ingredients, the end texture of product will differ. You typically have a lotion (lighter texture) when more water is used and a cream (heavier texture) if the proportion of oil in the mix is increased. The downside of lotion is that the emulsifier may lead to clogged pores and prevent oil component from penetrating. The large molecules of creams or lotions (water-based products) benefit only the outer layer of skin.

Oils, on the other hand, are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and provide deeper penetration comparing to lotions, what could be better for our skin? As we age, our skin produces less and less oil. We need to replenish it to have this protective lipid barrier works to seal the moisture in. Failing to do so; fine lines, wrinkles and signs of aging will start to show on our faces. Lipid barrier damage occurs on a daily basis, so maintaining an effective barrier requires continuous input of lipids to our skin. More often than not, you will notice immediate results from the first application. After a month of use, your replenished lipid barrier will reward you with a noticeable healthy glow. Just as oils rich in essential fatty acids are required in our daily diet to keep our bodies healthy, the right skin care oils are also necessary to keep your skin healthy.

Are your products suitable for sensitive or acne skin? How should I choose the right one for me?

Our range of natural skincare is formulated to be adaptable to all skin types whilst we do indicate under the Description for each of the products for which skin types are they most ideal for. Alternatively, you can also ‘Shop by Skin Types‘ and our recommended list of skincare products for that particular skin types will display to help you with your decision making.

Our rich formulation of concentrated blends in our products are powered by natural ingredients that are potent and work great synergistically. Therefore, if you do have sensitive skin or active outbreak with open sores, we ask you to be gentle to your skin. Do not rub nor scrub. A little goes a long way. Allow the ingredients to work its healing as you relax and imagine your skin restoring its natural rhythm.

Very often, those with oily, acneic skin are very tempted to overcompensate by scrubbing their skin or washing many times daily to remove excess oil that are thought to aggravate the breakout. Whilst our skincare product may be a wonderful option to address this issue from external, making sure that you have healthy, radiant and clear skin goes beyond just awesome products but require you to make choices that are good for your body. This is effectively addressing the core issues of inflammation triggers in the very first place – diet, water, sleep, hormones, stress, etc – and giving space for your skin to heal and balance from inside out.

Can I use Facial Oils on oily skin?

Yes, it turns out that the skincare ingredient a lot of people fear most can actually transform their skin – and this is also true even for oily skin types. Contrary to what most believe, cream-only product may not be the only ideal solution for oily skin issues. When it comes to oils, lipids are wonderful exfoliators as lipids dissolve lipids. Any build-up sebum or clogged pores can be unlodged, dissolved and broken down by using oil cleansing method to cleanse and wash off after. The fatty acids contained within the beneficial oils will then re-stabilize our lipid barrier by replacing the dirty oil with natural, good ones; hence defensing itself without drying out skin.

Using just the right amount of high quality facial oil will calm and suppress your skin’s sebum production – and the slick oil appearance that shows up often on your T-Zone. It is often the case that over-cleansing of your face with intense or harsh cleanser every day or the over-use of astringent; without proper replacement of moisture barrier – sends the sebum production into an over-drive. Having said that, we would not use just any oils on oily skin as some oils can be too heavy, some are comedogenic or some contain fatty acids that are different from those required by oily skin. With good face oil practice, your skin will begin to correct its sebum production and improve to reveal even complexion that is supple.

How do I use the Facial Mask? Can I use it everyday?

Our Facial Masks gently exfoliates, absorbs excess sebum, draws out pore-clogging dirt and impurities and helps you remove dead skin cells to reveal a clear complexion. You have a selection of 4 natural facial masks for your mask wardrobe. If you are looking for a deep purifying action that helps shrink pores and minimize blackheads, Activated Charcoal Detox Facial Mask is the most potent of the range. You might want to get your hand on the Sun Kiss Brightening Facial Mask if you want exfoliator that gives you the best ‘scrub-a-dub’ with a brightening boost. The most gentle choice for those with sensitive skin is no other than our Petal Perfect Beauty Facial Mask which is enriched with nature’s renewing treasures: mineral clay, toning Sandalwood, pearl powder and botanical flowers. Meanwhile, the antioxidants-rich Velvet Therapy Antioxidant Facial Mask is akin to “food” for mature, aging skin that keeps the skin plump and well-hydrated.

There are essentially two ways of applying the Facial Masks. For a quick facial, you can perform a gentle exfoliation by mixing a teaspoon of powder with equal amount of water or raw honey to make a paste. Exfoliate gently for 60-90 seconds and rinse. Alternatively, you may also leave the mask on for a deeper treatment for some 10-15 minutes and rinse afterwards. You may exfoliate once or twice every week and perform the leave-on treatment once weekly. The Facial Mask alone may not be enough if you wish to remove heavy makeup or foundation. A separate cleansing oil to remove your makeup will be recommended.

It is common to feel a tightening or mild tingling effect when applying leave-on for the clay mask, especially for sensitive skin. Please test this product on a small area before using for the first time. Usually this tingling and tightening sensation will disappear after the clay mask is washed off.

And, do not forget to moisturize after your mask (this isn’t just for post-masking, but for every day – once or twice daily) with your Beauty Drops or Beauty Balm. These little magical potions are packed with nutrients to plump up your skin and keep it hydrated and youthful.

What is the a Cleansing Oil?

Our Cleansing Oil might be the answer to your search for the perfect gentle daily cleansers. It represents an excellent way to deep cleanse oily skin and control blackheads, breakouts and other congestion. If we remember that notion of ‘oils dissolve oils’, we understand that these oil-based cleanser can penetrate the oil trapped inside the pores, encapsulate the sebum and easily lift it off your skin. It seems counter-intuitive to apply oil to oily skin, this oil-based cleanser however is specially formulated to rinse off easily with water and will not leave an oily residue on your skin.

A cleansing oil is an oil-based liquid cleanser that can remove oil-based matters such as dirt, pollution, excess sebum, make up and stubborn sunscreen. Convenient to use and easily rinsed, this cleansing oil is not just makeup remover and cleanser in one, it can double as moisturizer that also replaces the ‘bad’ oils that are removed. Use just enough of our Flawless Touch Cleansing Oil on your skin and be sure to massage all over your face for a few minutes before properly emulsifying it with water. It works great to remove those heavy makeup and foundation!

Can these products be used during pregnancy?

Our natural skincare range is suitable to use during pregnancy. We do use a very small quantity of pure, natural essential oils in our products at a level that is safe for pregnancy; hence we do not foresee any issues for use during this very special time.

We also understand that some mothers prefer to avoid essential oil use, especially in the first trimester, so the choice is personal and often, taking into consideration if you had history of a previous loss or premature labour. For your piece of mind if you are particularly concerned about its use during your pregnancy, please do consult your General Practitioner.

What is the shelf life of the product? Once I open it, how long can I use it for?

Each product’s shelf life can be found on its box or indicated on the label of the product or both. Generally speaking, an unopened product stored at room (ambient) temperature should be good for about 1.5 to 2 years. As our ingredients are natural and wholesome, temperature fluctuations can affect the shelf life of product by changing the consistency and/or lessening the scent of the product.

Once you have opened your product and use it, the life span varies as factors such as storage temperature, humidity, the manner of product use and so forth may affect the product’s life span. An opened product is recommended to be used up within 3-6 months. However, if it looks and smells good, it still stays good. To keep it fresh, always cover it when not in use and keep it out of direct sun where possible; it certainly helps to prolong the life span of the product.

Why does the product look kind of different than the last time I bought it?

Some customers have a certain expectation about how a product should look and/or smell like from batch to batch. In some cases, it may look or smell different from what they expect, which may prompt them to wonder if there is anything wrong with the product.

As Bellary Nature Skincare is a herbal plant-powered skin care using minimally-processed and pure, natural ingredients and essential oils; variation in color or scents from one batch to another is rather common. Natural ingredients are affected by normal variance in conditions of growth (sunshine, rain, temperature from year to year), region of growth and harvest, etc. As such, it is pretty difficult to keep the finished products consistent since these variations are perfectly normal and expected with the inherent nature of ingredients that are sourced from our Mother Nature.

What if I don’t like my product or feel that it isn’t working for me?

Email us at We want to make sure you’re using the products correctly, and that you’ve had every chance to connect with us and let us know what and how it is going on for you. Of course, if you are happy with our products and services, we also love to hear from you!

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