Finally, a vegan natural deodorant that actually works and feels great! Powered by plant-derived natural deodorizing ingredients to keep your underarms naturally fresh and dry for longer.

Aluminium Free: Does Not Plug Up Pores

NO aluminium salts! It neutralizes the odour yet still let our skin breathe and body eliminate toxins naturally!

NO Paraben, Petrolatum & Any Nasties

We say NO to nasty toxins & questionable ingredients to be applied close to two of our body’s major lymph glands.

Vegan & Safe
Botanical Ingredients

Curated with plant-derived ingredients e.g. plant oils and butters that nurture your skin and work in harmony with your body.

We know that chemicals used in antiperspirants do not just stay on the skin, they get absorbed into your blood. What’s more, many of these chemicals are far from ‘safe’, which is the very reason that taking care of what’s go on the body is much like eating a healthy diet!

Armpits don’t get much love. But, like the rest of your skin, they deserve to stay healthy. Sweating isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it is a normal process that allows your body to detox and reduce waste or toxins.

No Bad Stuffs – What it is formulated WITHOUT:

No Aluminium

No Parabens

No Triclosan

No Mineral Oils

No Petrolatum


Works just as good as antiperspirant

Clean products that work equally effective as ‘traditional’ product

We harness the deodorizing power of nature from plant-derived active ingredients of Triethyl Citrate, Sodium Caproyl/Lauroyl Lactylate, Sage Oil, Zinc Oxide, Ethylhexylglycerin and others to effectively provide lasting underarm protection without resorting to harsh synthetic alternatives.

More than just a stick of perfume to mask odour, our natural deodorant offers effective layers of plant-based and mineral-based anti-odour fighters to prevent bad, offensive smell.

Aluminium-free, naturally odour-fighting

Neutralizes odour naturally without affecting the natural skin flora

Our star deodorizing active ingredient, Triethyl Citrate is COSMOS approved and 100% naturally derived from glucose syrup by fermentation process from corn starch and/or sugar beet. It works by inhibiting the esterase-based metabolism of sweat components that causes body malodor.

Our synergistic formulation is coupled with Ecocert natural deodorizing active blend of Sodium Caproyl/Lauroyl Lactylate and Sage oil with antimicrobial properties that shows clinically proven 24-hours deodorant activity to be highly effective against microorganisms causing body odour. Additionally, sage oil exhibits astringent, antihidrotic (reduce/prevent sweating) and anti-inflammatory action.

Non-greasy, smooth glide every time

Little to no residues, clumps or stains. Absorbs wetness & effortless glide

Our natural deodorant goes on smoothly, has little to no residue and it doesn’t leave your underarms greasy or sticky. It stays on the skin; not on the cloth! On top of these, they come with super clean ingredients that nurture your skin including apricot kernel oil, shea butter and more – all of which are intended to work in harmony with your body.

Just the perfect amount applied evenly and smoothly, every time.

Hear from people who love us


I’ve been using this product for almost a month now and I’m in love with this deodorant! I am very self conscious with my body odour and there were occasions where my underarm smells funky after I exercise that just made me self conscious everytime. But now, I am funky-free for 6-7 hours and I couldn’t be any happier which also increases my self-esteem. I also noticed that the skin of my underarm were getting lighter so that was a nice surprise! Definitely in love with this product and will bought another one soon! Thanks Bellarynature for this amazing product!




Zareena / Website

I have been looking for the right deodorants for so long now, regular deodorants and antiperspirants in the market are full of chemicals that at times i feel pain in my armpits after regular use. Since then i started switching to organic deodorants many of which are usually very expensive and can be quite sticky to your armpits when our body temperature rises in this hot and humid weather. I have been trying several brands but never really quite satisfied with the results. Thankfully i chanced upon bellarynature deodorants and decided to get lavender & geranium. I have to say of all the organic brands i have tried, this is by far my favourite because of its non sticky nature, even when in very hot weather it still stays dry and the smell is so wonderously enchanting. Thank you bellarynature for this excellent deodorant, i am looking forward to try all your other scents and products.


Azleen / Website

Love the formula of their new deodorants! It glides smoothly and not sticky at all. I’ve tested it for a month and it’s definitely longlasting and it smells great too!



Ayzazurine / Website

I love love love your deodorant with natural ingredients & of course safe to use! and 100% essential oils.


Umi Salleh / Website

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A natural vegan deodorant stick that naturally and effectively controls odour and absorbs wetness to keep you smelling oh-so-fresh with soft floral blend of Lavender and Geranium. Free of Aluminium, Paraben, Phthalates & Propylene Glycol


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A baking-soda free, ultra-soothing natural deodorant that is gentle yet effective, for even the most sensitive skin, to give lasting freshness all day long with skin-conditioning plant oils, butters and non-nano Zinc oxide. Free of Aluminium, Paraben, Phthalates & Propylene Glycol Baking Soda-Free Formula