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  1. 3-in-1 Natural Salves (Below 2 Years Old)
  2. 4-in-1 Natural Salves (Below 2 Years Old)
  3. Baby Tender Massage Oil
  4. Natural Nose Clear (Infant)
  5. Night Sleep (Infant)
  6. Tummy Eaze (Infant)
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  • hello.. i havent had the chance to tell you i already picked up the natural rubs and it works wonders to my baby niece! she slept well. hehe. thank you again! will surely buy again next time

  • Tadi I bring my baby Jln sekajap ke supa save dpn Rumah then i give my baby tummy eaze then my baby no vomit at all. so happy sis.

  • #Repost from @lynnabrahman. Vapour rub from @bellarynature is so awesome. Highly recommend for those infant that having running and block nose.. Our Auni is so happy!! She could sleep after mommy applied this vapour rub on.. Sanang ja ni jah bagus utk baby yg hidung nya tesumbat apa atu nda payah bawa hosp pakai kan saja ani di tapak kaki nya lps atu urapi inda batah atu hilang th tu bunyi hidung tersumbat nya.

  • Ya ya I totally agree. I apply your vapor rub on my boy day and night after bath/wipe and his whhezing stopped. I'm so glad.

  • Hi it my first time trying organic product it really help me alot I can get enuff sleep when my baby getting cold or fever i just rub it and it really help her getting sleep and of coz make her mummy happy too

  • nah u Should buy ne.. Good for si baby coz I used for my baby jua..

  • A big Thank to night sleep salve and vapour rub from @bellarynature it help our Auni getting enuff sleep even under the weather Highly recommended for babies yang inda baik rasa It organic and safe for your baby

  • I Love tummy eaze. My son usually has "wind" in his tummy. Since I started using tummy eaze that problem has gradually reduce. He sleeps better too Plus makes him poo poo easily too

  • I tried your night sleep salve and tummy eaze and it worked! Baby slept for 4hrs straight the past 3 days, cried only when she's hungry. Tummy eaze helped her to buang angin more, she kentut quite alot when i first used it

  • hello .... alhamdulillah.. since pkai ur product. baby ku nyaman tdr... nda lg kusut subuh2.. i need to buy lg

  • Love these jars... Really help my doter sleep each night.. Higly recommended! Thumps up product nah u Should buy ne... Good for si baby coz I used for my baby jua..

  • My fren recommend me to use this 🙂

  • Owhh really?cause i saw some uploads from my friends n she's recommend this product

  • @bellarynature, this is what we've been using supaya Alanna tidur nyaman. Just rub it sedikit arah tapak batisnya, indah permai tah ia bemimpi tu. Higly recommended & very good feedbacks from many! Selamat mencoba.

  • Restocking Little Miss Kurapak's favorite stuff from @bellarynature, she's been using it since the day she were born & Alhamdulillah, semua berkesan until now

  • Alhamdulillah it works.. Baby pun nda sampit hidung dmlm tidur. Thankyou so much.

  • awu banar bisai ne aku dh cuba tuk bbyku 1 mnth plus masa nya ibkahak nxt day trus kuar.ama mumy nya jua ikut mkai kn test bh tu.sanyam jua batuk ih Thank sis.. Bnr tu aq pun memakai tuk anak q masa ani. Udah nearly 2 monnths aq pakai sdh. Baik buat anak yg ndk tidur mlm, selesma n batuk2. Even tuk perutnya jua baik.

  • Sharing a little secret... Amzhar's favourite baby oil especially Night Slave from @bellarynature Been using it sejak lahir... Loving it eversince til now.

  • yes i will definitely enjoy my confinement period with your amazing homemade products! Xxo

  • Thank u sis... Nyaman tdor nya after pakai night sleep salve and selesma nya makin bekurang after pakai nose clear... Syukur alhamdulillah

  • Alhamdulillah it works.. Baby pun nda sampit hidung dmlm tidur.. Thankyou so much

  • I already have the tummy eaze n vapour. My friend recommend it. Its a great product.

  • This is Handmade 100% Natural Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils-Infused set. I wish I could share its magnificent aroma. Every Infants and Kids should have some! Take a look on their account @bellarynature and go get yourself some!

  • ia start dh makai masa ia baru lahir eheh

  • Baby sayang~ #aunidamia 100% natural pure therapeutic essential oils infused set

  • Brought all 4 set.. N Alhmdulillah.. less than a week pakai yg eczema pnya.. yg arah pp my son karing n mengurang sudah.. No more merah2 n licin dah ppnya

  • She really love the massage oil thou! First time apply after she taken bath the smell were so good. I smell lavender and make Auni and Auni Mummy feel calm too. We love it so much! Thank you again Aunt Diana

  • owh ok.. au syukur alhamdulillah tq sis vry much..ur penyelamat my bby

  • Happy with current fav Natural nose clear from @bellarynature

  • Exactly two of my favorite product when I'm not feeling well. #bestproduct CC: Oil of Eucalyptus & Vapor Rub for coughs and Cold.

  • Bali dah tq sis... my baby rayyan reda selesma nya..n dpt dah nyaman tidurnya love it tq

  • Just to update you. Alhamdulillah nyaman tdur my baby after i use the natural nose clear.

  • berbaloi..mlm baby ku nda tersumbat lg hidung..nyaman tdonya..ani kurang dah selesma nya sis... tq sis... batuk baby pun kurang

  • i brought it yesterday evening n at night time i apply it on my bby ypu know what! that cream really worked last night my bby no more crying in the middle of night im so happy

  • Hehe nyanyat kami memakai...skali ane kehabisan..

  • It really works wonder. Just rub on my 8mo baby's feet and back of his ears, it feels like magic banarr. Nyaman tdur nya nda batah atu. Inda lagi bekusut tu.

  • NIGHT SLEEP SALVE is the best it soothes and calm my baby to sleep #bellarynatureshare

  • Yg mujarab bnar tu yg untuk tummy ahh.. Baby me mcm ajan2 kan skali f beria ada hijau2, senudung nama nya.. Sekali me. Urut pakai ubat tu baij babe nda lagi beria ada hijau2 atu.. Kurang jua ajan2 nya..

  • It works on my baby..

  • I tried tummy eaze arah my son baru ni n mujarab bnr.Hehe.Dri pagi ia mcm nda nyaman rsa parutnya skali after i applied that,nda bth tu lancar ia beria. Can't wait to try the night sleep salve later.Hehehe.

  • Its really effective on my baby

  • Hello sis.. happy me sis.. my baby boy poop just now... been waiting after 3hour put on the tummyeaze... its work... alhamdulillah... thanks ya sis..

  • its highly recommended products I'm using it to my baby and its very effective especially the tummy faze.. it really works....

  • he just poop... happy mummy