Eczema Case Study: Mother of Two Kids with Eczema

Deena has been using Skin Clear for her children with eczema since late last year until now. She is a mother of 3 and two of her kids suffer from eczema. Her eldest son, Haziq is 14 years old who also uses the Skin Clear for his mild eczema on his feet. Her youngest 4-year-old daughter, Syifa, started having eczema when she was just 2 years old.

Deena went to many doctors due to her daughter’s situation for over one and a half year but none of their treatments lasted long. For example, the cream can only work for several months then it stopped working. Sometimes it becomes worse and her skin is easily irritated.

There is one cream that is suitable for her daughter, but it turns out that the cream is not safe for long term use since it has a lot of harsh chemicals in it. They stopped using it immediately and the withdrawals made her skin even worse.

Deena started using Skin Clear on her daughter in December last year and within 2-3 weeks she saw her scaly skin become smooth, the blister and patches on her hands were gone. She applies the Skin Clear 2-3x a day and directly to the affected area twice a day after bath and a very thin layer before sleep. For her son, he applies Skin Clear every night and it takes only a few days and the itchy rashes start to subside.

Deena is aware that there is no cure for eczema but believes that with Skin Clear and proper care, she has already seen improvements. She and her husband are extremely happy seeing their little girl able to sleep and play well now because she used to have problems walking properly due to the eczema on her feet.

Deena expressed her frustration and sadness when dealing with the challenges of children with eczema, however, she’s grateful for Skin Clear as she doesn’t have to go through the same frustration again experienced with the other previous treatment methods. Deena highly recommends Skin Clear to parents who encounter the same problem with their children and believes that it will help them out a lot and see major improvements.

Our sincere thanks to Deena for sharing her journey helping her 2 kids with eczema, and it was a great pleasure to have known you personally.

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