International award-winning holistic brand of natural, green skin and body care, holistic remedies and cosmeceuticals that empower health-conscious families in their self-care regimen with a focus on restored wellness, confidence and happiness!

Our cosmeceutical range of lifestyle products are specifically crafted with the best ingredients Mother Nature has to offer in its purest form – natural and wholesome! Formulated by certified aromatherapist and herbalist, our products are unique as a result of a fusion of ancient botanical remedies and modern techniques to deliver real, positive results and impacts for even the most sensitive skin; minus the harmful chemicals!


It is our pleasure to welcome new business partners from all backgrounds who have the vision and passion to bring Bellary Nature’s unique collection to new territories.

We partner with potential partners who are aligned with our core values and philosophies right from the start. This way, we set the right foot on path to successful and harmonious partnership with common goals and mutual respect.


Here at Bellary Nature,

    • We build genuine partnership with our distributors/agents.
    • We can expand your reach and guide you in your growth and expansion.
    • We are your partner in business, marketing and logistics.
    • We are on hand to support you every step of the way.


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Bellary Nature is focused on working alongside our partners to ensure success at all stages of the journey. We never compromise on our level of support and service. Instead, we commit to work closely with you to achieve your goals and objectives. 

Low Minimum Order
Quantity (MoQs)

✓Ideal for micro and small start-ups or entrepreneurs
✓Low start-up cost
✓Reduce risk of stock piles

Profit Margin

✓Good profit margins
✓Greater discount for bulk/quantity purchase

Opportunity in Industry
Growing Market

✓Market for natural, organic products poised to grow at a fast rate
✓Demand backed by rising health concerns

Increased Products Range/
Complementary Products

✓Optimize profitability by increasing product range or offerings
✓Offering complementary products increase cross-sell opportunities
✓​Over 50 SKUs (Ministry of Health notified)
✓Immediately tap into proven portfolio of quality products

Cosmetics (GMP)
Good Manufacturing Practices 

✓ISO22716:2007 certified company (Good Manufacturing Practices)
✓Our quality products are constantly reviewed and improved
✓Well-executed product packaging communicates key message about our brand values

Be Part of Trusted, Ethical
Family Business

✓A reliable, trusted business partner that shares the same values & philosophy
✓We engage in open communication to foster strong, long-term relationship

Sales & Marketing

✓We support our partners in the growth of their business profitably
✓Our personalized team and trainers will provide the relevant sales tools, know-how, etc. throughout the sales process

Your Trusted Partner in
your Local Market

✓Solid foundation and strong growth in home market
✓We have a strong network of business partners and collaborations with major supermarkets, organic retail store, presence in airport and prestigious hotel
✓We shall be your most trusted partner in your local market

Constant Training
and Learning

✓We are committed to provide you and your team with constant product & sales training
✓We will also facilitate learning & relevant training specific to your needs



Natural and wellbeing products are more popular than ever.

Younger consumers are driving the change to safer alternatives to questionable conventional beauty and personal products that can potentially disrupt our skin and health.


We are honoured to be part of this green movement and delighted that our products have won awards from across the Natural Beauty Industry!At Bellary Nature, we are devoted to holistic health and passionate about making positive difference in people’s lives and helping families achieve their health goals, naturally!

We believe that only these types of products – natural, toxic-free and wholistic – can ensure the results our customers are truly looking for. 

All Bellary Nature products are free from: cortisone, steroid, parabens, phthalates, sulfates (SLS, SLEs, etc.), alcohol, DEA, TEA, PEGs, petrolatum, silicone oil, mineral oils, propylene glycol, methylisothiazolinone (MI/MIT), artificial dye/colourants, synthetic perfume/fragrance, formaldehyde-based preservatives, etc.



Naturally Effective Products

We are committed to curate the finest, health-nurturing products with the finest quality of ingredients from around the world. Our product development is based both on the results of practical and applied research; as well as our earnest desire to harness the beneficial properties of healing herbs, plants and essential oils.


Transparency of Ingredients

We maintain a principle of transparency in honest ingredients listing and clear labeling to allow our consumers to make an informed choice about each and every product.


High Level of Service and Fast Turnaround

Regardless of your size, market or distribution channels, we are dedicated to listening to your specific needs and working closely with you and your team to achieve our common goals within the requirements and restrictions of our Brand to develop our business partnership.






I been using bellary nature and stop using any steroids cream and found it’s (Skin Clear) working on me. From my severe eczema to a getting better skin condition. It helps me to relieve my eczema flare and keep moisturize all the time.

Alhamdulillah. I’d recommend night sleep salve too! been using this since Zuhairah is 2 months old, and she’s been sleeping throughout the night without waking up for night feeding eversince. She’s been giving her mummy a chance to have a good sleep too. Happy baby, happy mummy

IG Story

I’ve recently bought this (Fast Relief) roll-on and it works well on relieving my back pain which occurs every now and then. It also help to relieve my muscle ache result from workout mainly. I apply it after shower every night, before I go to bed and my back pain will feel better and as for my muscle, it will feel less sore the next day. Would definitely recommend this roll-on and return to purchase.

Iris / Website

It helps soothe my son’s flu and cough. Just have to be applied frequently for it to be effective. my son enjoy massage. so I take my time to massage his feet with this vapor rub. I rubbed it on his chest, front and back. and the most important part is his neck when he’s having cough.

Nazirah / Website


I’ve been using this product for almost a month now and I’m in love with this deodorant (Lavender & Geranium Deodorant)! I am very self-conscious with my body odour and there were occasions where my underarm smells funky after I exercise that just made me self-conscious every time. But now, I am funky-free for 6-7 hours and I couldn’t be any happier which also increases my self-esteem. I also noticed that the skin of my underarm was getting lighter so that was a nice surprise! Definitely in love with this product and will bought another one soon! Thanks Bellarynature for this amazing product!





Holistic Remedies. Natural Skincare. Green Beauty

Award Winning Brand + ISO22716 Certified + Powered by Nature

A multi-awards winning brand that focuses on ultimate potency, absolute freshness and purity! You will find only safe, effective products that improve your health, beautify your skin, enhance your mood and nourish your cells every day.

Formulated by Certified Aromatherapist & Herbalist

Formulated by certified holistic practitioner, Bellary Nature harnesses the knowledge of holistic wellness and power of nature’s botanicals to bring you uncompromised, natural products that work effectively!


Our Mission, Our Philosophy & Our Ingredients

At our core, Bellary Nature is committed to make positive changes in your life by taking care of your body as a whole. We insist NO nasty toxins e.g. mineral oil, cortisone, paraben and any questionable ingredients.

If you are interested in learning more about this financially rewarding, exciting and unique business opportunity, please send in your Distributor Application Form. We will get you started.