– DARe’s standards consultancy helps businesses increase productivity and market access

Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) Tea & Talk Networking event held at Radisson Hotel on 14th Jan 2021 celebrated achievements of Bellary and 14 other businesses who had received international standards certifications through DARe’s Standard Consultancy Programme (SCP).

At the panel sharing, Ted Jee, co-founder and Marketing Manager of Bellary Enterprise, shared the journey of our successful certification under ISO 22716:2007, which is an international standard for the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for cosmetics since 2019.

The certification process has allowed us to improve controls over various quality aspects of our operations as we optimize our quality system to manage products-related risks and hazards effectively. Over the years, this helps foster a ‘quality culture’ inherent in the Company that drives constant improvement for operational efficiency and consistency.

While it helps build our reputation for product safety and environmental responsibility, compliance to the standards also demonstrates our commitment to quality and safety of our products for the benefit of our customers! Because ISO is a globally recognized quality standard, the certification supports our efforts to maintain current and anticipated future compliance with legal and regulatory requirements to access new markets overseas.