Baby Steps for New Parents

New Infant, New Life Chapter

Oh, the joy of a new baby! Having a baby – especially for the first time- offers so much happiness that can never be equal by anything in the world. This experience comes with a great responsibility that first-time parents find overwhelming. Are you:

  • Feeling that you are not prepared for the precious life entrusted to your care?
  • Worrying that you are unable to meet all your baby’s needs?
  • Stressing out about being the best parent and giving your baby the best start in his life?

Bellary Nature
Our Thoughtful & Sustainable Choices

Bellary Nature was born out of deep love for our children and desire of holistic living in a world that is awash of chemicals.

The very inspiration that we hold so dearly in our hearts is the earnest desire of giving the best for our baby right from the very tender age; keeping him healthy and happy throughout his childhood. Apart from good food, clean shelter and comfortable clothing, our babies and children deserve better, toxic-free products that are safe and high performing.

Spending hundreds of hours into research and development as well as understanding of health and environment, Bellary Nature is a vigorous advocate for the environmental health of our children and future generation. We are powerful role models that look to our practices for ways to enhance, stimulate and maintain changes that will protect and restore our children’s health that form the core values of our brand.

Natural Infants and Kids Balms
100% Natural, Gentle & Petrolatum Free

Formulated by certified aromatherapist and herbalist, Bellary Nature’s 100% natural, gentle Infant balms and Kids balms set help you nurture and navigate the challenges of parenthood so that you can give your baby and children the best start in life with products that are safe and free of nasty chemicals:

☑ No Parabens
☑ No Mineral Oils
☑ No Silicone Oils
☑ No Petrolatum
☑ No Preservatives
☑ No Formaldehyde
☑ No Phthalates
☑ No Synthetic Colourants
☑ No Synthetic Fragrance

Two Versions: Infant Version Vs Kids Version
Safety is our Top Priority

Essential oils are fantastic resources for your littlest ones. Aromatherapy deals with plant oil extracts in their natural state. Our babies and children can enjoy the therapeutic effects of essential oils but as babies’ systems are high sensitive; specific care and caution are applied to ensure that only safe oils are used in dilutions that are appropriate for the designated ages of our babies and children.

Safety is our #1 priority. That explains why our natural balms come in two versions that are appropriate for the designated ages on the products. They are carefully and specifically formulated with due care to effectively and safely manage the most common problems for babies and children.

Night Sleep 
When your Baby or Kid won’t Sleep

Night Sleep is a gentle, all-natural proprietary formula that helps calm your little ones such that they feel more relaxed and soothed. By being able to unwind, they can fall asleep more easily during their regular bedtime routine.

Direction of use:
☒ Back of ear
☒ Chest
☒ Back
☒ Sole of feet
☒ Dab onto handkerchief and place near bedside

Available in two versions:

Smell has always been a powerful instinct and aromatherapy works hand-in-hand with the sense of smell to heal, relax and improve mood. In fact, you’ll find how amazing it works by simply smelling the pure natural aroma of gentle essential oils that have calming and relaxing effects. With Night Sleep,

✓ Fussy babies are calmed and sleep more comfortably for longer.
✓ Mothers are getting more sleep time after babies can now sleep restfully.

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Natural Nose-Clear
When your Baby or Kid is Having Cold and Flu

Blocked nose (or nasal congestion) can get in the way of baby feeding or a good sleep; making them uncomfortable and upset. It can make things stressful for you – and your little ones – to deal with; especially if it is happening for the first time.

A baby is said to get as many as 7 colds within the first year of life. Common cold and flu symptoms caused by viral infection often appear in the form of nasal congestion or runny nose. Our little ones have not developed immunity against these infections and over-the-counter medicines are not appropriate (or can be dangerous) for babies.

Natural Nose-Clear is a natural vapour or chest rub that helps to decongest nasal congestion, blocked nose and relieve symptoms of colds, flu, cough, sinusitis, etc. The oils contained in this balm is strongly anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Its natural decongestant quality can help open airways to allow your little ones to breathe easier during this stressful time.

Direction of use:
☑ Chest
☑ Back and along spine
☑ Sole of feet
☑ Dab onto handkerchief and place near bedside
Caution: Do NOT use inside nostril or mouth

Available in two versions:

Our therapeutic Natural Nose-Clear balm will be your greatest helper during this stressful time dealing with a cranky, uncomfortable baby or child; helping them soldier through without complications. It is a safe, natural way to boost and support the body’s natural immune system so they can better deal with infections. With Natural Nose-Clear,

✓ Babies are left calmer and soothed as their cold or flu symptoms are eased compared to doing nothing at all.
✓ Mummies no longer feel helpless and devastated; and finally breathe a sigh of relief.

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When the Little Tummies Hurt

Tummy Eaze is a gentle, naturally warming herbal balm suitable for the tiniest new tummies to soothe and ease most common types of tummy troubles related to colic, gas, indigestion, constipation, nausea, motion sickness and other stomach discomfort.

Direction of use:
☑ Tummy or abdomen
☑ Behind ears (if dealing with nausea or motion sickness)
☑ Chest (if dealing with nausea or motion sickness)

Available in two versions:

  • Infant Version (For Kids below 2 Years Old)
  • Kids Version (For Kids above 2 Years Old)

In a warm room, warm some balm in your hands and gently massage clockwise and moving outwards around baby’s belly button. Press gently with your hands as you massage. Finish each movement by moving down over the left thigh, to help release wind in the bowel. With Tummy Eaze,

✓ Colicky babies and gassy kids are going from tears to smiles.
✓ Mothers are saved from heart breaks of watching their little ones struggling with aches.

Useful Massage Techniques for Infantry Colic and Gas Relief

It is very beneficial for a baby with colic or trapped wind to have a gentle massage. A gentle clockwise massage motion helps release wind from the baby’s digestive system (always massage in a clockwise direction, as anti-clockwise could result in more discomfort).

Always warm your hands before starting to massage your baby.

Try any of these different strokes:

  • Gentle but firm pressure of one warm hand on your baby’s abdomen.
  • Alternate hands stroking down on the abdomen.
  • Bend your baby’s knees gently up towards their tummy.
  • Rotate their knees gently clockwise around over their tummy.
  • Lie them over your thighs on their tummy. Roll them gently from side to side.

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