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Loving What We Do

Bellary Nature meticulously handcrafts and bring together a vast, unique collection of natural, safe and ethical skin care, body care products as well as holistic remedies free of parabens, petrolatum, phthlates, artificial fragrance and harmful ingredients. We take pride in our finest, quality products created using the highest possible percentage of high grade, ethically sourced natural and organic ingredients. They aren’t just natural for natural sake; they must also be effective, yet guilt-free and safer for our health and our environment.

Loving Our Story

Bellary Nature is the result of a five-year journey which began with a diagnosis of chronic illness and born with a life-changing transformation that deeply touched our hearts.

In 2010, founder Diana Han was diagnosed with crippling autoimmune condition of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) following her miscarriage as her wrists began looking deformed and lacking full range of motion. When conventional treatments did not work out well, she traveled long and far on a healing journey in search of holistic, alternative and complementary treatments and protocols. From an avid researcher to a health blogger with massive followers, she is now a certified practitioner trained in field of aromatherapy, herbalism and energy medicines.

In her journey to restored wellness, she was amazed by the healing property and multi-faceted qualities of  health-enhancing botanicals; the herbs, flowers and pure essential oils in balancing the body and bringing it back to homeostasis.

The birth of Bellary Nature was a merger of Diana’s knowledge of holistic health with her passion of living a healthier, chemical-free and natural lifestyle. This website is an expression of her passion to bring wellness to every household. It stays true to our vision of bringing purity, wellness, simplicity and balance with the breadth and depth of the products we carry.

Loving Our Principles

We insist on NO Parabens, NO Petrolatum, NO SLS’s or SLE’s and NO animal testing. Beyond this, we love how meticulously we handcraft our every product and choose working with ethical people who care as much about our environment and health as we do.

Many chemicals used in skincare and personal care products have been proven to have harmful effects. The long list is frightening. As we recognize and have faith in the value of traditional remedies and its nutritional values and heritage, we believe in harnessing the power of Nature in their purest form. Delightful and intuitive, plants and their essential oils are an unparalleled gift for our beauty for thousands of years. Broad spectrum and life supporting, they are life-nurturing elixirs for the young and old.

We maintain a principle of transparency in honest ingredient listing and clear labeling to allow our consumers to make an informed choice.

We maintain our commitment to engage and connect you in know-how, education, guidance and sharing of helpful resources that empower you in making informed decision about the how’s, what’s and why’s of your problem solving.

At our core, we love that our awesome products are taking care of you and your family with greatest effectiveness.; that the Products do not only satisfy, but delights, time and again. In our relentless pursuit to be better with passing time through your voices and persistent improvement, we love to make every day a little more happier, healthier and more fulfilling for you!

Loving ‘Natural’

We feel it is important to bring clarity to terms which, in the beauty industry, are often misused.

Natural is associated with substance that exists in, or is caused by nature; not artificial, disguised or altered. Natural products are those that are created using botanically sourced ingredients that exist or formed by nature (instead of synthetic chemicals) in a way to preserve the integrity of the ingredients.

At Bellary Nature, we strive to always use the highest possible, safe percentage of high quality naturally-derived ingredients with naturally occurring carrier agents such as humectants, emulsifiers, surfactants and preservatives. Should there be beneficial result of using limited or minimal quantity of not-so-natural ingredients (e.g. Preservatives), considering benefits far outweigh costs, in any of the products, they would be detailed in each description with transparency.

Some skincare and personal care products masquerading ‘natural’ have lacked consideration for the inclusion (hence, the importance) of Preservatives as a lack of which may potentially put users in serious health complications. Please do not mistake preservatives to be all-evil. It is important for the safety of users to understand that various products formulations – due to their very nature – require broad-spectrum preservatives of some kinds to effectively prevent spoilage and contamination from bacteria, fungi and molds.

Are there any natural preservatives? Not really. Natural substances that show antimicrobial activities are either not adequate for broad spectrum protection or they have undesirable qualities. Some have offensive odours that pretty much make it unacceptable in formulating products. Essential oils, though, require very high concentrations to be effective, which level generally exceeds the recommendation for safe amounts of essential oils to use in skin and personal care products.

In this respect, we maintain our stance of the need, where necessary, to apply only green or “more natural” or Ecocert-approved preservatives in our products; and insist NO “traditional” paraben or formaldehyde based preservatives for this purpose.